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Personalized smile makeovers in Aliso Viejo, CA

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. If you feel like your smile is holding you back or causing issues with your self-confidence, a customized smile makeover may be the perfect solution! Dr. Claire Cho crafts personalized treatment plans to reveal the most beautiful smiles for patients in the Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, and surrounding CA areas.

What is a smile makeover?

Not that long ago, beautiful smile transformations were something only Hollywood movie stars could afford. But thanks to all of the advances in modern dental technologies, materials, and treatment methods, a celebrity teeth makeover is within reach! A smile makeover is a highly customized set of treatments that are done to enhance the appearance of your smile, and in many cases, improve its health and function at the same time.

To start your mouth makeover process, Dr. Cho begins by conducting an extensive examination of your teeth and gums, in addition to having an in-depth conversation with you about your smile – what you want to change, what you want to keep, and your treatment preferences. Then, using a physical replica of your teeth and photographs of your face and smile, Dr. Cho plans out your new smile so it has the ideal proportions, taking into account the curve of your lips, your facial features, the shape of your face, and more. At this point, Dr. Cho creates your new smile out of a wax material to give you a real-life preview of your end results so you can work together to refine it before it is crafted out of the highest quality dental materials, such as natural-looking and durable ceramics. Depending on what your individual needs and desired results, your smile makeover may consist of one or more of the following treatments:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Same-day CEREC crowns
  • Gummy smile treatment
  • Pinhole® surgical technique to treat receding gums
  • Dental implants or other tooth replacement options
  • Teeth whitening

Experience the difference in care at the Claire Cho DDS

Any licensed dentist can perform cosmetic treatments such as crowns and veneers, but it takes a truly skilled dental professional with an eye for both artistry and what makes your smile unique to help you achieve the stunning, natural-looking results you deserve. Dr. Cho works with each patient to ensure that your smile is exactly how you want it, while using the highest-quality materials, artistry, and uncompromising workmanship to ensure you have terrific results. To learn more about a smile makeover and how it can transform your smile, call Claire Cho DDS in Aliso Viejo, CA today at (949) 541-2529!

Dr. Claire Cho, Claire Cho DDS, CA

Claire Cho, DDS, has been serving patients for over 31 years.

She is passionate about applying new knowledge in her practice and attends continuing education courses annually. These advanced courses have enabled her to gain specialized knowledge on implantology, dental prosthetics, soft tissue grafting, neuromuscular occlusion, and bone and tissue regeneration.

Dr. Cho is one of the few dentists in Orange County offering LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure), the FDA-approved gum disease treatment that doesn’t involve cutting and sewing. She combines science with an artistic eye to transform the smiles and lives of patients. Her recent accolades include nominations for Best of LA Cosmetic Dentist and Top Doc of Orange County by Orange Coast magazine and being awarded fellow status by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Experience Our Personal Touch

Our Aliso Viejo, CA dentists begin the process of designing your smile with an extensive interview and examination. We take a physical replica of your teeth and take photographs from every imaginable angle. The shape of your face, the curve of your lips, all of your facial features are taken into consideration to formulate the ideal proportions for your new smile. Dr. Claire Cho handcrafts your new smile meticulously out of wax and places this form over your teeth to give you a three-dimensional preview of how you will look and feel with your new smile. This way, you can experience first-hand our personal touch in our smile makeover processes and be able to see what your new smile will look like when complete!

Smile makeover is it is changes that we make in a patient's mouth through veneers and crowns. It can be patients who have crooked teeth crowded teeth discolored teeth cracked teeth anything like that and you're putting a covering on it and changing the appearance of your smile by putting porcelain on top of that through veneers or crowns. Porcelain veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that's put over the teeth, so a little bit of preparation is done on the teeth to make room for the porcelain. If a tooth already has an existing crown for a large cavity or old fillings, those who turn into crowns. So, it's a combination of veneers and crowns to correct the patient's smile. I see a lot of small design cases out there where they don't look like natural teeth. To me for a smile to look natural, it is critical and there are so many different types of porcelain that's out there and to know the differences and to know what should be used for each situation it is important. Lots of translucency is what I like that the biting edges to give the natural appearance of teeth while straightening it and making it look nice to fit the patient's face and it’s what a smile design would be.

Dr. Claire Cho examining patient teeth

Uncompromising Workmanship

Dr. Cho’s dedication to her patients is evident in every corner of her Aliso Viejo, CA office, and it extends into all of her behind-the-scenes choices. From the materials she uses in the operatory to the laboratories she partners with, every detail is hand-picked and meticulously inspected to ensure that your experience is one of a kind. Each smile makeover treatment begins with a functional assessment of your smile to ensure that future cosmetic restorations last for the long-term. With every step of your cosmetic dentistry treatment process, our team demonstrates uncompromising workmanship that consistently provides patients with outstanding results and beautiful smiles!

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