Dr. Claire cho examining patient teeth
Dentist - Aliso Viejo, CA

The Art of Creating A Beautiful Smile
With A Comphrensive Approach

Dentist - Aliso Viejo, CA

The Art of Creating A Beautiful Smile
With A Comprehensive Approach

Aliso Viejo, CA dentist provide comprehensive dental care services

In today’s modern times, patients want more than just cleanings and exams from their dentists. At the office of Dr. Claire Cho, DDS in Aliso Viejo, CA, we are committed to providing comprehensive dental care that centers around giving our patients beautiful, healthy smiles. With a comprehensive approach to care that includes general, restorative, cosmetic, and laser dental services, we combine advanced techniques with state-of-the-art materials to provide unparalleled care.

General, Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry

The office of Dr. Cho provides patients in the Aliso Viejo, CA area a vast array of services, from general exam, cleanings, to full smile makeovers.

  • General Care DentistryThere are so many benefits to oral health including a boost in self-esteem and an improvement in overall health. Taking proactive steps to keep your mouth healthy will reduce your risk for common dental problems such as decay and gum disease. When left untreated, these conditions can put you at risk for other systemic health problems. We work with you to help you develop an oral hygiene routine and provide dental services that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of oral health.
  • Cosmetic DentistryOur team at the office of Dr. Cho has years of experience and training so that we can provide you with beautiful, long-lasting cosmetic dentistry solutions. Whether you want a quick fix like teeth whitening, have crooked teeth you would like to see straightened, or wish to overhaul your entire smile with porcelain veneers, we customize treatment options to give you the results that you desire.
  • Laser DentistryLasers have revolutionized many aspects of dentistry. At our practice, we use laser dentistry in several different ways. One is the LANAP laser gum disease treatment. LANAP is a minimally invasive alternative to gum surgery that can remove diseased tissues without cutting or removal of healthy tissue. Another is a scalpel-free gingivectomy procedure to cosmetically enhance gummy smiles.
  • Dental ImplantsWhen it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implant restorations are the gold standard. By replacing the tooth root, we can create a stable foundation to support dental crowns, bridges, or dentures, depending on the number of teeth missing. We also offer alternatives such as removable complete denture and partials.

Quality, comprehensive care you can count on

The entire team at the office of Dr. Claire Cho, DDS is committed to welcoming every patient into our office as a member of our dental family. Our practice is equipped with the latest dental technologies to ensure your comfort is a priority during every procedure. We are passionate about providing compassionate, high-quality dental care to patients in Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Laguna Woods, and neighboring communities. To book an appointment, please call us today at (949) 541-2529.

Here are the measures we have taken to secure your wellbeing

The measures we have taken to secure your wellbeing - Aliso Viejo, CA
Claire Cho DDS. is a modern dental clinic that is safe, versatile and determined to provide you with the optimum care when it comes to your dental health.

Welcome to the office of Dr. Claire Cho DDS. Please enjoy this virtual tour of our office and safety procedures. Please know that everyone who visits our office will answer a safety-health questionnaire, have their temperature checked and wear a mask prior to entering the clinical office. We are currently practicing social distancing and will not allow more than one party to stay in the waiting area. We have multiple rooms including a conference and consultation room in which you can wait for a loved one to complete treatment. All surfaces and commonly touched objects are sanitized frequently throughout the day with hospital-grade disinfectants and Plexiglas barriers have been placed to help us protect our staff as well. Our staff’s personal protective equipment includes isolation gowns, face shields, as well as two masks during a procedure—an N95 and level 3 mask. As you enter you will notice our wall of Dr. Cho’s accomplishments. Dr. Cho is a USC graduate who has been practicing for over 30 years. She specializes in the most modern and holistic treatments which include the surgical pinhole technique to correct gum recession and the LANAP treatment to treat gum disease. She also is a very experienced implantologist. Our office offers many services which benefits our patients in limiting exposure during our stay-at-home status. Such services include same-day crowns, made by our CEREC system and mobile dental cleanings which allows our most vulnerable patients to stay at home while maintain their oral health. We also offer PerioProtect trays to all our patients. This is a home system used on a daily basis that kills bacteria and viruses in the mouth utilizing a peroxide-based gel solution. Research has shown that lowering viral loads in your mouth have been pivotal in stopping the spread of Covid-19 and lessening the severity of the virus if contracted. We have the most modern effective equipment in our practice, including a CT scan for more involved procedures such as extractions, implants and orthodontics. We only use digital x-rays that help limit your exposure to radiation. We have three types of lasers, all used for soft tissue treatment. We don’t believe in cutting and sewing if there are more holistic approaches to treatment. We emphasize preventative care and have current well-trained staff here to assist you in maintaining optimum oral health. All procedures are done with a high vacuum suction that removes large amounts of aerosol before it even leaves the mouth. The aerosol that does leave the mouth is picked up with our air purifiers located throughout the office. Our central air system has been retro-fitted with the newest HEPA filters. On top of sanitizing the rooms with hospital grade disinfectants, we also use a fogger each day for total surface sanitization. Patient safety is our number one priority, in our sterilization area; we meet and exceed safety guidelines. Throughout the day sterilization procedures are done; we use filtered water with all procedures and treat our water lines on a daily basis. We do not use city-water with our treatments. Antimicrobials are added to our water to help kill bacteria and viruses before they even leave the mouth. Prior to seating, all patients rinse with hydrogen peroxide antimicrobial for 20 seconds and wash their hands at a central station. We also want our patients to feel comfortable in our office, so we do offer conscious sedation and other amenities such noise cancelling headphones, eye protection, blankets and pillows, all of which are sanitized after each use. Our hygienists are very gentle and well-trained in all periodontal procedures and laser therapy. Whether you are a current patient or new to our office, we appreciate your trust in us, and we look forward to seeing you. Thank you for watching this video, and we hope we have eased some of your anxiety during this time. Stay safe and healthy.

Meet the doctor

Dr. Claire Cho

Dr. Claire Cho graduated top of her class from the University of Southern California, School of Dentistry in 1989, and has since remained at the forefront of the dental profession. She is passionate about gaining new knowledge and applying the most advanced techniques and procedures to her practice. In her efforts to provide the best available care to her patients, Dr. Cho travels near and far to attend numerous continuing education courses each year.

Dr. Claire Cho

Affiliations and Awards

USC School of Dentistry International Congress of Oral Implantologists USC School of Dentistry American Dental Association Dental organization for conscious sedation American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Orange coast top doctors 2018 LA Dental Clinic
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Customized Treatments to
Improve Your Oral Health

Dr. Cho and our team work hard to ensure you receive comprehensive care and treatments that will improve your oral health. If you are experiencing any symptoms of gum disease, you must come in for an oral health evaluation as soon as possible. Gum disease is a progressive condition that can cause irreversible damage to the gums, bone, and teeth. Early treatment is essential for preserving these necessary structures! Ensuring you receive treatment for cavities as soon as they form and coming in for professional teeth cleaning services are also essential for maintaining optimal oral health. Dr. Cho is an experienced Aliso Viejo dentist that provides a full range of general and advanced cosmetic dentistry services in a caring, patient focused environment.

Every Patient Has A Story

Claire Cho DDS - Patient Success Story - Video 01

It’s not just about a healthy mouth, it’s about a healthy life!

HI I am Keera and I have been struggling with my health for about 3 years now with e dealing with a lot of pressure and pain in my sinus areas, in my head. Unfortunately traditional medicine could not pick the root of the issue which is why I sought out functional and integrative medicine and ever since finding Dr. Pastouk this past July my world changed around he used Ozone therapy on me which breathed oxygen into your cells and sinus areas and fro me it has given me so much release in my ears and I used to have a lot of ear pressure, crackling and pain, and even after the session I noticed a lot of relief, and tried a lot of different therapies in the past and nothing has worked and I am so grateful for him and his work and I appreciate the time he takes with all his patients and I am very hopeful that i am on the way to healing even though it has been a long road! Yeah, so I highly recommend Dr. Pastouk I think he is very progressive in his work and I think he truly cares about his patients and the space in the office is so light and warm and welcoming, and I am so grateful that it is here in Cleveland.

Claire Cho DDS - Patient Success Story - Video 02

It’s not just about a healthy mouth, it’s about a healthy life!

I wasn't experiencing any type of symptoms as for pain but it was more of, I wanted a smile makeover. I really was not happy with the smile that I had with what I presented when I was smiling when I was laughing and I was very self-conscious of it. So, when I had the opportunity financially, I decided to make the decision from the very beginning from the person who greets you at the door to the explanation of everything that's going to be done, the genuineness of Doctor Cho really comes through. I can't emphasize so much how comfortable I felt afterwards. It makes a huge difference to know that they truly care about your comfort while you're going through this. I would not go anywhere else. I can't I can't recommend this place highly enough. I when I decided to do this in 2016, I was coming up to my 40th high school reunion, and I was doing the planning on that and it was at that point yes, the vanity what am I going to look like but then again once I saw this then I realized that I do need to take care of this. I smiled that whole evening, that whole evening of the party I smiled so much I couldn't stop smiling. The joy has seen my friends that I had not seen in 40 years but also knowing that I could smile and that I wasn't embarrassed that I didn't want to hold back. I really wanted to show off my teeth because I was proud and I was very, very, happy that I really had the opportunity to meet Doctor Cho and her staff and to know that in a sense there's a miracle worker out there oh yeah, yeah, she's been blessed with a gift to make people smile, help them smile again for the very first time I had the complete set of teeth that I should have had from the very beginning. She gave me the smile; I’ve always, always, wanted it's a huge relief. It's knowing that what I'm feeling I can actually show now and not be afraid of my smile or and be embarrassed about my smile.