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Aliso Viejo, CA offers Velscope oral cancer screening for early detection

As with any type of cancer, early detection and routine screenings are critical to catching cancer in its earliest stages and effectively treating it. The same applies to oral cancer. Aliso Viejo, California area patients are urged to work with a dentist who offers oral cancer screenings during regular six-month visits to the practice of the Dental Health and Aesthetics Center. Dr. Claire Cho is excited to provide an effective and reliable way of detecting the early signs of oral cancer with the Velscope oral cancer screening device.

Velscope Oral Cancer Screening in Aliso Viejo CA Area

What is Velscope?

The Velscope device uses Fluorescent Visualization to spot lesions that might be undetectable with the naked eye. Blue light is emitted through the device and used to evaluate the mouth to find any lesions or areas of concern that might be the earliest signs of oral cancer. Healthy tissues shine green, while areas of concern may be spotted with darker, bluer spots. Finding these problem areas allows for further evaluation, which may include a biopsy to remove a sample of tissue and evaluate it for cancerous cells. This detection of precancerous and cancerous tissues can provide a dentist with the information they need to make recommendations to the patient regarding how to proceed.

Why Velscope?

Velscope is chosen for oral cancer screening because it is:

  • Effective
  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • FDA-approved
  • Painless
  • Fast

Why is early detection of cancer important?

Some cancers go undetected for an extended period, and by the time a patient experiences symptoms, the condition may have spread or worsened. Early detection of oral cancer is vital to ensuring successful treatment. We provide oral cancer screenings during each dental visit to look for suspicious areas that might indicate the presence of cancer cells.

Speak to our team about oral cancer screening.

With early detection, many patients with oral cancer can undergo treatment and keep this problem from spreading and becoming more serious. Our team is pleased to provide oral cancer screenings during routine visits at the Dental Health and Aesthetics Center in Aliso Viejo, California. Dr. Claire Cho can be reached by calling (949) 541-2529 to request an appointment at 2 Mareblu, Suite #200.

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