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Say Goodbye to Gum Disease with Laser Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease is like someone walking behind you and tapping your shoulders. You may not notice its presence until it’s too late. Gum disease lurks in your mouth, only for you to realize it’s there when it has advanced significantly. And unlike the person tapping your shoulder who might turn out to be a friend, you don’t want to encounter gum disease since it’s painful, embarrassing, costly, and damages your overall health.

Laser Periodontal Therapy in Aliso Viejo CA Area

At Claire Cho DDS, we usually emphasize prevention as the first step in keeping gum disease in check. But sometimes, the sneaky gum disease finds its way in your mouth despite your prevention measures. Luckily, we have minimally invasive laser periodontal therapy to restore your oral health when gum disease knocks on your doors.

How gum disease has always been treated

Gum disease occurs when plaque and tartar are left in your mouth, attracting harmful bacteria that infect your gums. At the early stage of gum disease, optimal oral hygiene and deep cleaning can reverse the condition. However, if the disease has advanced to periodontitis, gum deterioration sets in, and you need restorative treatment to return your mouth to its healthy self.

Traditionally, dentists have used surgical methods like pocket reduction and gum grafting to treat diseased gums. Gum surgery involves the removal of the infected gums and cleaning the area to remove all bacteria. The dentist then uses materials to fill up the areas with bone loss and then stitches the surgical site to allow healing.

How does Laser Treatment for Gums work?

Since its approval by FDA in 2004, laser periodontal therapy has helped many patients restore their health after gum infection. The treatment uses an ultra-thin laser to remove the diseased gum tissue and tartar buildup on the teeth. The laser cauterizes the gums to reattach them to the teeth.

The procedure takes about an hour and requires one or two dental visits, depending on the severity of your infection.

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Benefits of laser periodontal therapy (LANAP)

If gum disease is taking control of your oral health, you don’t have to undergo invasive surgical treatment. Instead, consider LANAP from Dr. Claire Cho because it yields the below benefits:

  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces bleeding
  • It’s minimally invasive, preserving much of your gum tissue
  • Requires short recovery time
  • No drill noise or vibrations

At Claire Cho DDS, we are ready to help Aliso Viejo, CA patients with laser periodontal therapy. To become a beneficiary, please dial (949) 541-2529 to book an appointment with Dr. Cho.

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