Video Transcript

CEREC is a newer technology where when a patient is needing a crown instead of taking an impression and sending it out to the lab, we’re digitally scanning the prepared tooth and it goes to a machine, where we can design the crown so that we can have a specific shape that we want. A tighter contact or a longer contact, and it gets milled out from a machine in the office on a block of lithium disilicate or zirconium, whichever material you choose to have it made. Then from there we polish and we stain and glaze and put it through the oven, and then we are able to cement it for the patient the same day. A lot of patients have a busy schedule and don’t want to go through the phase of wearing a temporary that may be uncomfortable or fall out easily. Here they spend a couple of hours of quiet time, get their permanent crown placed and then can leave the office with a new restoration that day. So CEREC crowns are convenient for the patient because they don’t need to make that second trip to the office and they don’t need to be numbed twice. They come and relax and go out with their permanent restoration. With CEREC the fit is always a hundred percent accurate to give the patient the best function that they would need.