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LANAP Laser Gum Surgery in Aliso Viejo, California

Most people brush their teeth and take at least some care to ensure they have strong oral hygiene. But, if you are a resident in Aliso Viejo and develop issues with your gums, you can require treatment, including LANAP Laser Gum Surgery, from someone like Dr. Clair Cho at Clair Cho DDS. But what is laser gum surgery, and who needs it?

What is LANAP Laser Gum Surgery in Aliso Viejo CA Area

What is Laser Gum Surgery?

LANAP laser gum surgery is a surgery designed to target the gums, which uses lasers while being less invasive than traditional gum surgeries. This surgery aims to fight off plaque and bacteria buildups in the gums, causing infection and gum disease. Traditional gum surgeries require the use of a scalpel to clear out plaque and can cut up the patient’s gums, causing discomfort and bleeding in your mouth. 

Laser surgery, as the name implies, uses lasers to remove plaque instead. This treatment causes much less discomfort and pain. It is generally considered more effective, allowing the doctor to be much more precise in cutting and treating the gums during the procedure. In addition, this procedure stimulates healthy bone growth and has long-term positive results than traditional forms of gum surgery.

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Why Would Someone Need Laser Gum Surgery?

Laser gum surgery is recommended for patients with advanced periodontal disease as an alternative to more intrusive surgeries. Periodontitis is when the gums are being pulled away from your teeth. In turn, this creates a pocket of space that shouldn’t usually be there, which fills up with bacteria. This pocket then becomes easily infected and can lead to much more severe health issues from there. So, by using LANAP laser periodontal surgery, patients can avoid letting these health issues worsen.

For more information on LANAP laser gum surgery in Aliso Viejo, California, contact Dr. Claire Cho of Claire Cho DDS at (949) 541-2529 to set up an appointment today. At the meeting, you will learn if you’re a good candidate for LANAP laser periodontal surgery and learn more about what it can do for you.

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