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Find Your Amazing Smile with Custom Smile Makeover Treatment

I’m confident Dr. Cho was the right choice for my smile makeover.

What Is Your Smile Worth?

The creation of your smile is an art that should be entrusted only to someone with a great artistic eye as well as skillful hands. While all licensed dentists can prepare your teeth for veneers and crowns, it takes much more to create a smile which truly reflects how you feel and envision yourself. At the Dental Health & Aesthetics Center, we understand the incredible value each smile presents our patients and take a very personalized approach to your smile makeover treatment to ensure you receive your best and healthiest smile!

Experience Our Personal Touch

Our Aliso Viejo, CA dentists begin the process of designing your smile with an extensive interview and examination. We take a physical replica of your teeth and take photographs from every imaginable angle. The shape of your face, the curve of your lips, all of your facial features are taken into consideration to formulate the ideal proportions for your new smile. Dr. Claire Cho handcrafts your new smile meticulously out of wax and places this form over your teeth to give you a three-dimensional preview of how you will look and feel with your new smile. This way, you can experience first-hand our personal touch in our smile makeover processes and be able to see what your new smile will look like when complete!

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Smile makeover – combining crowns and veneers to give you a natural looking smile.

Uncompromising Workmanship

Dr. Cho’s dedication to her patients is evident in every corner of her Aliso Viejo, CA office, and it extends into all of her behind-the-scenes choices. From the materials she uses in the operatory to the laboratories she partners with, every detail is hand-picked and meticulously inspected to ensure that your experience is one of a kind. Each smile makeover treatment begins with a functional assessment of your smile to ensure that future cosmetic restorations last for the long-term. With every step of your cosmetic dentistry treatment process, our team demonstrates uncompromising workmanship that consistently provides patients with outstanding results and beautiful smiles!

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The Proof is In Our Patients

Before After

Smile Makeover Case 1

Before After

Smile Makeover Case 2

It’s time to find your amazing smile!

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