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Same-Day Crowns and When to Get Them

If your teeth are damaged and a typical filling will not work, a crown is usually what is needed. Same-day crowns are fast and effective, so there is not a long wait like for traditional crowns. Other signs you may need a same-day crown are for aesthetic reasons, root canals, and excessive wear. A professional exam is a positive way to find out what type of dental work is needed.

Same Day Crowns Mission Viejo Experienced dentist Dr. Claire Cho explains about same-day crowns and when to get them in Mission Viejo area

Getting same-day crowns in Mission Viejo is easy and stress-free. Claire Cho DDS has years of experience helping our clients with a wide range of dental services. We work hard to bring you friendly and effective dentistry.

Do I Need Same-Day Crowns?

There are some signs to look out for to tell if you need same-day crowns. Teeth with a large filling or root canals may benefit from this service.

  • Quick turnaround: CEREC technology is used to create digital impressions for making crowns quickly.
  • Precise fitting: The traditional method of using putty to make impressions is imprecise and can lead to an imperfect fit. Same-day crowns in Mission Viejo use the latest technology to create the perfect fit.
  • Natural look: Color matching technology is used to match your existing teeth for a seamless look.

CEREC Technology

CAD, computer-aided design software, is used to make a digital impression of your tooth. The process is fast and stress-free. The impression is made from high-quality dental porcelain and is then fitted to your damaged tooth. You can comfortably wait while your crown is being made because the process is so quick. The technology is effective for other dental procedures as well, not just crowns.

Claire Cho DDS Offers Quality Dental Care in Aliso Viejo, California

Contact Dr. Claire Cho at (949) 541-2529 to schedule an appointment today. There are many options available for a same-day crown service. Call Dental Health and Aesthetics Center of Mission Viejo, California, to discuss how we can help you with new crowns or other dental services.

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