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CEREC Crowns Can Transform Your Smile in Hours!

If shopping online, would you opt for a two-week or same-day shipping if the price is the same? Of course, no one wants to wait unnecessarily, especially if there are no cost savings at the end of the day.

Dentist for CEREC Crowns in Aliso Viejo CA Area

Enough of online shopping. Let’s talk about dental crowns. Did you know you can get dental crowns in one day? Ooh, Yes! We are not exaggerating. With the arrival of CEREC technology, we can fabricate your crowns in one dental appointment! Want to see for yourself? Why don’t you book an appointment with Claire Cho, DDS?

What to expect from Same-day Crowns

If you want to get a traditional crown, you need at least two appointments with a dentist. During the initial appointment, your dentist reshapes your teeth, takes bite impressions, and sends the dental images to a dental lab to create your crowns. In the meantime, you will have to wear temporal crowns to protect your teeth.

After about two weeks, your crowns will be ready, and you need to make another appointment with your dentist to place your new crowns. While traditional crowns work, CEREC same-day crowns save you time by transforming your smile in just one visit. You literally walk away with a smile different from the one you came with! But how does CEREC technology make this a reality?

First, Dr. Claire Cho scans your mouth using a CEREC scanner. Unlike the messy and uncomfortable putty material, digital impressions take a precise 3D image of your teeth. After scanning, your dentist creates a digital model of your crowns designed to match your natural teeth.

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Next, the 3D digital crowns are sent to an in-house milling machine to fabricate your crowns – a process that doesn’t take more than 60 minutes. After your crowns are ready, Dr. Cho installs your new crowns on your teeth, and you can now show the world your newly crowned teeth!

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Ready to transform your smile in hours? Please dial (949) 541-2529 to book an appointment with Claire Cho DDS for same-day CEREC crowns.

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