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Dental implant process and procedure to replace missing teeth in your Smile

Missing teeth can be a major dental issue. Not only do they make it difficult to eat and speak properly, but they can also lead to further dental problems down the road. If you are missing teeth and looking for a replacement option, dental implants may be the right choice! Dr. Claire Cho of the Dental Health and Aesthetic Center in Aliso Viejo, California, can discuss the dental implant process and procedure with patients in detail. She will answer all of your questions so that you can make an informed decision regarding the placement and restoration of dental implants.

Dental Implants Process in Aliso Viejo CA Area

What are dental implants?

The dental implant is a restoration used by dentists to help replace one or more teeth in the smile. This method of replacement allows for permanent repair and can provide an option that functions just like natural teeth. The implant is placed into the jawbone and restored on top, depending on the patient’s needs.

What are the steps in the dental implant process?

The dental implant placement process typically begins with a consultation to discuss the patient’s goals and determine if they are a good candidate for dental implants. If the patient decides to move forward with dental implants, Dr. Claire Cho will take x-rays and create a surgical plan. Local anesthesia is administered on the day of surgery, and the implant is placed into the jawbone. The gum tissue is then sutured closed. After healing has occurred (usually around three months), the restoration can be completed. This may involve a dental crown, a bridge, or a full implant-retained denture. For more information on dental implants, please visit our website or contact us today!

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How do I find out more about dental implants?

Claire Cho and her team at the Dental Health and Aesthetic Center are available to help patients in and around the community of Aliso Viejo, CA, with their dental health needs. If you are thinking about having dental implants placed, it might be time to talk to a professional about your options. Call (949) 541-2529 to request an appointment and visit our clinic at 2 Mareblu, Ste. #200.

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