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Keeping that Gummy Smile Hidden? Consider Gummy Smile Treatment

Dentist for Gummy Smile Treatment Near Me in Aliso Viejo, CA

Over time, people will come to know you by your smile. An attractive smile will set you apart from the crowd. Unfortunately, the same is true about a flawed smile. If you’re self-conscious about your gummy smile, talk to Dr. Claire Cho about gummy smile treatment. At the office of Claire Cho DDS in Aliso Viejo, we can give you a symmetrical smile that’s sure to please through our crown lengthening procedure. What is Crown Lengthening? A gummy smile is characterized by more gum tissue showing than teeth when you smile. This condition makes your teeth appear stubby and small, … Continue reading

A Cutting-Edge Treatment to Help with Gum Recession Called The Pinhole Surgical Procedure

Pinhole Surgical Procedure in Aliso Viejo CA Area

At Claire Cho DDS in Aliso Viejo, California, Dr. Claire Cho provides a cutting-edge treatment for gum recession to her patients called the Pinhole Surgical Technique. This advanced procedure is only performed by the most technically skilled dentists, like Dr. Cho. Unlike other gum restoration procedures like gum grafting, the Pinhole Surgical Procedure is minimally invasive and requires little downtime for the patient. Let’s learn more about how the Pinhole Surgical Procedure works! What is Gum Recession? Before we can look into the Pinhole Surgical Procedure, it is important to understand what gum recession is. Gum recession is a condition … Continue reading

CEREC Dental Crowns Are Sweeping the Nation and Are More Popular Than Ever

CEREC Crowns for Teeth in Aliso Viejo CA Area

For many years, a dental crown was a long and painstaking process requiring multiple appointments, physical impressions, and temporary crowns. Thanks to the ever-evolving nature of dental technology, an alternative has been sweeping the nation recently called CEREC dental crowns. The CEREC dental crown process allows this previously lengthy process to be completed within a single appointment. Patients in the Aliso Viejo, California area, have been introduced to this new dental crown process by Dr. Claire Cho and the team at Claire Cho DDS. Dr. Cho is always seeking out the latest in dental technologies so that her office can … Continue reading

Why You Should Not Wait Any Longer to Ease Your Bruxism with A Custom Made Dental Mouthguard

Custom Dental Mouthguards in Aliso Viejo CA Area

If you believe you suffer from bruxism or some form of TMJ dysfunction, which is causing you to grind and clench your teeth at night while sleeping, a custom dental mouthguard is a very effective way to help save your teeth. Your teeth can only handle so much stress, wear and tear before they start to break down. A custom mouthguard from Dr. Claire Cho and the team at Claire Cho DDS in Aliso Viejo, California, will provide you with many benefits. Protect Your Teeth Since most teeth grinding occurs when you sleep, your control over this is basically non-existent. … Continue reading

Dentist offers pinhole treatment for gum recession

Pinhole Treatment for Receding Gums in Aliso Viejo CA Area

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from gum recession, you may be interested in learning about the options available to you for restoring your gum line and replacing gum tissue over exposed tooth roots. Dr. Claire Cho of Aliso Viejo, California, is pleased to offer a unique treatment strategy for treating patients with gum recession called the Pinhole gum treatment. The pinhole treatment for receding gums is an advanced technique that has many benefits to the patient. What are the advantages of the Pinhole treatment for receding gums? The primary benefits of using the Pinhole … Continue reading

Understanding Gum Disease, the Symptoms and Causes

Dentist for Gum Disease in Aliso Viejo CA Area

Gum disease is a very common problem affecting people of all ages. In fact, it is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. There are many different causes of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. If you live in the area of Aliso Viejo, California, and are concerned that you may be suffering from gum disease, it is important to see Dr. Claire Cho of the Dental Health and Aesthetic Center for diagnosis and treatment. Understanding gum disease Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is a gum infection that can progress and lead to gum recession if it’s … Continue reading

Dental implant process and procedure to replace missing teeth in your Smile

Dental Implants Process in Aliso Viejo CA Area

Missing teeth can be a major dental issue. Not only do they make it difficult to eat and speak properly, but they can also lead to further dental problems down the road. If you are missing teeth and looking for a replacement option, dental implants may be the right choice! Dr. Claire Cho of the Dental Health and Aesthetic Center in Aliso Viejo, California, can discuss the dental implant process and procedure with patients in detail. She will answer all of your questions so that you can make an informed decision regarding the placement and restoration of dental implants. What … Continue reading

The Benefits of Perfecting Your Smile with Permanent Porcelain Veneers

Permanent Porcelain Veneers in Aliso Viejo CA Area

Your smile is a unique feature of who you are. Unfortunately, if you are conscious about your smile, it will significantly hamper your self-esteem. To help you get your confidence back, Claire Cho DDS installs porcelain veneers to disguise multiple teeth imperfections in just two appointments! Are you having second thoughts about porcelain veneers? Here are the many benefits you get when choosing veneers to transform your smile. Natural look Worried that you will lose your natural aesthetics when you install veneers? When considering porcelain veneers, this doesn’t have to be one of your worries. These coverings are designed to match your natural teeth. … Continue reading

We Offer Fantastic, Effective Orthodontic Services for Patients of All Ages

Orthodontic Services in Aliso Viejo CA Area

Having perfectly lined teeth is more than cosmetics. Of course, straighter teeth make you look attractive and confident. However, the negative impact of misaligned teeth goes beyond your looks. When your teeth are out of alignment, they are hard to clean, impede your speech, and cause a bite misalignment. Despite the many dental issues of crooked teeth, aligning your smile is possible, regardless of your age. At Claire Cho DDS, we offer different orthodontic services to boost your confidence and overall oral health, no matter your age. Our teeth straightening options During the initial evaluation with Dr. Claire Cho, she will examine your teeth … Continue reading

Say Goodbye to Gum Disease with Laser Periodontal Therapy

Laser Periodontal Therapy in Aliso Viejo CA Area

Gum disease is like someone walking behind you and tapping your shoulders. You may not notice its presence until it’s too late. Gum disease lurks in your mouth, only for you to realize it’s there when it has advanced significantly. And unlike the person tapping your shoulder who might turn out to be a friend, you don’t want to encounter gum disease since it’s painful, embarrassing, costly, and damages your overall health. At Claire Cho DDS, we usually emphasize prevention as the first step in keeping gum disease in check. But sometimes, the sneaky gum disease finds its way in your mouth despite … Continue reading

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