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What can I expect from the gummy smile correction procedure?

Gummy Smile Treatment in Aliso Viejo CA area

You may feel self-conscious or embarrassed about your appearance if you have a gummy smile. You may avoid certain social situations or places where you know your photo will be taken. However, a gummy smile doesn’t have to be hidden! Instead, the team at Claire Cho, DDS of Aliso Viejo, California, may recommend you consider the advantages of certain cosmetic treatments that help improve the balance and harmony in your smile, such as the gummy smile correction procedure available with Dr. Claire Cho and her team. What treatment is available for a gummy smile? A gummy smile typically results from excess gum tissue that may shorten … Continue reading

What Is Crown Lengthening, and Do You Need It?

Gummy Smile Correction in Aliso Viejo CA area

Do you consider your smile as being “gummy”? If so, you are likely seeking a way to improve your smile’s appearance so that you feel better about not only your smile but also yourself. Crown lengthening is a treatment performed at Claire Cho DDS in Aliso Viejo, California, which can help with gummy smiles to create the room needed to support a dental restoration like a dental crown or bridge. This corrective procedure provides consistent, effective results and could be just what you are looking for. Crown Lengthening Crown lengthening, also called gum recontouring or a gum lift, is a procedure that offers both … Continue reading

Restore Your Smile with Gummy Smile Crown Lengthening Procedure

Gummy Smile Dentist in Aliso Viejo Area

There are many reasons people seek to recontour their gums. One of the main reasons is that people are dissatisfied with the appearance of their “gummy smile” and feel less confident showing their smiles. Another involves needing more room to have a dental restoration placed, such as a bridge or crown. Whether you need gum recontouring done for dental or cosmetic reasons, here at Claire Cho DDS, Aliso Viejo, California, Dr. Claire Cho can help with a safe and effective gummy smile dental procedure called “crown lengthening” that will make your smile more beautiful. Crown Lengthening Explained Crown lengthening, also … Continue reading

Gummy Smile Procedure Overview: Benefits, Recovery, Cost

Gummy Smile Procedure Benefits in Aliso Viejo CA Area

A gummy smile, also known as excessive gingival display, is a type of smile when too much gum tissue shows when you smile. Approximately 10% of adults in their 20s and 30s consider their smile gummy and want to fix this aesthetic issue. The best solution for the gummy smile is a gingivectomy – a crown-lengthening surgical procedure during which gum tissue is removed from teeth to expose more of the natural tooth. Here is more information about the gummy smile treatment that you should know: What Are The Benefits? The advantages of the crown-lengthening procedure are the following: It … Continue reading

Keeping that Gummy Smile Hidden? Consider Gummy Smile Treatment

Dentist for Gummy Smile Treatment Near Me in Aliso Viejo, CA

Over time, people will come to know you by your smile. An attractive smile will set you apart from the crowd. Unfortunately, the same is true about a flawed smile. If you’re self-conscious about your gummy smile, talk to Dr. Claire Cho about gummy smile treatment. At the office of Claire Cho DDS in Aliso Viejo, we can give you a symmetrical smile that’s sure to please through our crown lengthening procedure. What is Crown Lengthening? A gummy smile is characterized by more gum tissue showing than teeth when you smile. This condition makes your teeth appear stubby and small, … Continue reading

Is the Gummy Smile Treatment Cost Worth it?

Gummy Smile Treatment Cost in Aliso Viejo CA Area

When smiling, does a larger than proportionate amount of your gum tissue show above the upper teeth? You may have a gummy smile. Luckily, if you don’t like the look of your smile, Claire Cho DDS can fix your gummy smile, giving you a more uniform smile. Causes of a gummy smile Ever wondered why you have a gummy smile? There are several reasons for a gummy smile, but the most common include: Teeth issues: Your teeth may be tiny due to genetics or use. If your lower teeth become worn down, your upper teeth may correct the bite by erupting further down. … Continue reading

What to Expect with a Gummy Smile Procedure in Aliso Viejo, CA

Gummy Smile Procedure in Aliso Viejo CA Area

When you smile, are you happy with the way it looks? You may have a gummy smile, which means that you’re showing off more gum line than what you would like. The good news is that a gummy smile procedure in Aliso Viejo, CA, can solve that problem. By meeting with Claire Cho DDS, you can learn all about the procedure. How to Fix a Gummy Smile There’s no reason why you have to live with a smile that you’re not comfortable with. A simple cosmetic procedure can help contour your smile so that there isn’t as much gum line … Continue reading

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